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Leopold Thenmayer & Theresia Pürzelmayer married in Simonsfeld

28 Fanuary 1869: Groom: Leopold Thenmayer, born 16 July 1844, Halblehner in Simonsfeld No 31, unmarried, Son of Leopold Thenmayer, Halblehner in Simonsfeld and Rosalia Lang. Bride: Theresia Pürzelmayer, born 11 February 1842, daughter of Mathias Pürzelmayer, Halblehner in Simonsfeld No 60 and Theresia Kronberger. Reference: Simonsfeld Trauungsbuch Folio 1


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Talk to your Grandparents now!

We now have a unique opportunity. We can find out about our ancestors from our own family members: Question your parents, grand parents, uncles etc. about what they know about your heritage. Find out any names, dates and town of birth Listen to any family stories they may know. Once they are gone, that opportunity […]

Kronberger Ancestors – check if you share them

AINPÖCK, CLARA (Joseph Ainpöck & Theresia) married Johannes Georg Kronberger 1759 in Wollmannsberg, Niederösterreich ALBRECHT, MATTHÄUS (Matthias Albrecht & Rosalia Ziegler) married Anna Francisca Neuwirth in 1863 in Baumgarten (Böhmen) EIBÖCK, MAGDALENA, b. 1765 in Oberabsdorf, Niederösterreich (Tobias Eiböck & Theresia Pertold) married Matthias Pfeiffer in 1793 in Oberabsdorf ERNST, ANNA, b. 1705 in Haselbach, […]