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Leitzersdorf (Lower Austria) 1637 – 1838: Births, Deaths & Marriages

We are digitising the historical hand-written records of Leitzersdorf Parish in Lower Austria including the villages of Wollmannsberg, Wiesen and Hatzenbach. Death records are now complete with 2,537 individual records available for researchers at a cost of only €25. These records are in Excel format and can be searched, sorted and filtered for ease of […]

Michael Kleedorfer marries Magdalena Robl in Ottendorf, Niederösterreich

28 May 1816 Groom: Michael Kleedorfer, 22 year old son of Matthias Kleedorfer and Eva born Seitz of Ottendorf 16 Bride: Magdalena Robl, 27 year old daughter of Johann Robl and Magdalena Reinwein of Haselbach 37 Source: Haslebach Trauungsbuch Folio 25

Andreas Fruelinger marries Barbara Winterleutner in Gänserndorf, Niederösterreich

4 April 1723 Groom: Andre Fruelinger, widower and Inwohner (works for board) of Gänserndorf, Niederösterreich Bride: Barbara Winterleutner, widow of Leonhart Winterleutner of Niederhollabrunn Source: Niederhollabrunn Trauungsbuch Folio 122

Augustin Kölbl married Franziska Fux in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

21 February 1814 Groom: Augustin Kölbl, 29 year old teacher (Schullehrer), son of Joseph Kölbl, Schullehrer and Theresia Meichl of Leopoldsdorf 59, Niederösterreich Bride: Franziska Fux, 19 year old daughter of Karl Fux, Schullehrer and Rosalia Seitz of Haselbach 71, Niederösterreich Source: Haselbach Trauungsbuch Folio 22 Research: Ancestry Austria

Bartholomäus Klingsbögl marries Barbara Brinckhowitsch in Streitdorf, Niederösterreich

25 June 1709 Groom: Bartholomäus Klingsbögl, single cobbler (Schuhmacher), son of Christoph Klingsbögl and Maria in Streitdorf, Niederösterreich Bride: Barbara Brinckhowitsch, widow of Philipp Brinckhowitsch of Streitdorf, Niederösterreich Source: Niederhollabrunn Trauungsbuch Folio 117

Lorenz Püringer marries Maria Wimmer in Niederhollabrunn, Niederösterreich

10 July 1708: Groom: Lorenz Püringer, Schneider, son of Johannes Püringer, Schneidermeister & Dorfrichter & Lucia of Niederhollabrunn Bride: Maria Wimmer, daughter of Michael Wimmer & Elisabetha of Niederhollabrunn Source: Niederhollabrunn Trauungsbuch Folio 107

Michael Wimmer marries Eva Roithammer in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

27 February 1810 Groom: Michael Wimmer, 24 year old son of Matthias Wimmer, Kleinhäusler & Theresia Wais, Haselbach 22 Bride: Eva Roithammer, 21 year old daughter of Martin Roithammer, Kleinhäusler & Katharina Stöckelmayer of Haselbach 62 Source: Haselbach Trauungsbuch Folio 18