Category Births

Joseph Wagner born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

3 April 1796 Joseph Wagner was born today. Parents: Matthias Wagner, Hauer & Anna Maria (b. Schwarzmayer) of Haselbach 43, Niederösterreich Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 16

Barbara Ruethammer born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

16 September 1794 Barbara Ruethammer was born today Parents: Andreas Ruethammer, Hauer of Haselbach, Niederösterreich, Barbara (born Pruner) Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 12

Anna Goldschmit born in Bruderndorf, Niederösterreich

15 December 1702 Anna Goldschmit was born today. Parents: Simon Goldschmit and Eva Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 66

Maria Wiedbrechtinger born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

27 January 1793 Maria Wiedbrechtinger was born in Haselbach 2, Niederösterreich today Parents: Georg Wiedbrechtinger, Kleinhäusler (owner of a small house) and Anna Maria nee Wiedermann

Catharina Hager born in Obergänserndorf Niederösterreich

12 November 1702: Catharina Hager was born in Obergänserndorf, Niederösterreich today. Parents: Georg Hager & Ursula Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 64

Margaretha Goldschmid born in Bruderndorf, Niederösterreich

10 September 1702 Margaretha Goldschmid was born today. Parents: Jacob Goldschmid & Elisabetha Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 62

Magdalena Höbel born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

7 February 1792: Magdalena Höbel was born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich today Parents: Matthias Höbel, Hauer (vineyard worker) Anna Maria Schwaiger Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 7

Jacob Ladner born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

10 June 1702 Jacob Ladner was born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich today Parents: Lorenz Ladner & Maria Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 58

Magdalena Puchsbaum born in Bruderndorf, Niederösterreich

30 May 1702 Magdalena Puchsbaum was born in Bruderndorf today Parents: Simon Puchbaum & Maria Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 57

Johann Georg Stöckelmayer born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

8 August 1791 Johannes Georgius Stöckelmayer was born in Haselbach 11, Niederösterreich today Parents: Georg Stöckelmayer, farmer (Bauer) Anna Maria (nee Harmer) Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 6