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Leitzersdorf (Lower Austria) 1637 – 1838: Births, Deaths & Marriages

We are digitising the historical hand-written records of Leitzersdorf Parish in Lower Austria including the villages of Wollmannsberg, Wiesen and Hatzenbach. Death records are now complete with 2,537 individual records available for researchers at a cost of only €25. These records are in Excel format and can be searched, sorted and filtered for ease of […]

Joseph Wagner born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

9 January 1821 Joseph Wagner was born in Haselbach 63, Niederösterreich today Father: Joseph Wagner, son of Johann Wagner and Barbara Piller Mother: Theresia, daughter of Joseph Conrad and Katharina Roithammer Source: Haslebach Taufbuch Folio 64

Regina Reyssing(er) born in Niederhollabrunn, Niederösterreich

29 December 1712 Regina Reyssing was born in Niederhollabrunn, Niederösterreich today Parents: Matthias Reyssing and his wife Apollonia Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 268

Alfred Oberleitner born in Tulln, Niederösterreich

26 Dezember 1913: Wo (Where) Tulln, Niederösterreich (Lower Austria), St Pöltnerstraße 10 Geburt (Birth): Alfred Arthur Oberleitner Vater (Father): Karl Oberleitner, Rechnungsassistent (assistant accountant) bei der K.K. Bezirkshauptmannschaft (district office), Tulln, geboren in (born in) Griesheim Pfarre Ybbs, Bezirk Melk, 2 Oktober 1885, ehelicher Sohn des (legitimate son of) Karl Oberleitner, Schuldiener in Ruhe (retired […]

Katharina Buchsbaum born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

8 August 1804 Katharina Buchsbaum was born today Parents: Joseph Buchsbaum, Halblehner (farmer) and Maria Anna Bauer of Haselbach 58, Niederösterreich Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 36 Research: Ancestry Austria

Georgius Kürner born in Streitdorf, Niederösterreich

4 October 1712 Georgius Kürner was born today Parents: Joseph Kürner and Anna of Streitdorf, Niederösterreich Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 256

Michael Schott born in Obergänserndorf, Niederösterreich

3 August 1710 Michael Schott was born in Obergänserndorf today Parents: Stephan Schott & Catharina Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 220

Barbara Fantner was born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

23 August 1803: Barbara Fantner was born in Haselbach 28, Niederösterreich, today Parents: Michael Fantner, Ganzlehner Maria Anna, nee Wimmer Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 33

Johannes Tischler born in Obergänserndorf, Niederösterreich

8 April 1706: Johannes Tischler was born today Parents: Paul Tischler & Regina of Obergänserndorf, Niederösterreich Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 118

Georgius Parzer born in Niederfellabrunn, Niederösterreich

9 February 1706 Georgius Parzer was born today Parents: Andre Parzer & Barbara of Fellabrunn, Niederösterreich Source: Niederhollabrunn Taufbuch Folio 114