AncestryAustria.com offers a professional, in-depth genalogical research service focused exclusively on tracing your heritage anywhere in Austria.

If you are curious about your Austrian roots but are –

  • not sure how and where to start your research,
  • unable to access or decipher old records,
  • or simply too busy to gather all the information yourself,
  • then let us help you to create your perfect family history / family tree.
    The resulting document may give you great personal satisfaction, it may be an ideal gift for your loved ones or it may form the foundation for writing the biography or memoirs you have been meaning to create for some time.


    Before you authorise any research, you would want to be comfortable that the person you are dealing with has the necessary integrity, expertise and experience to work on your important project.
    Gerhard Kronberger
    Gerhard has more than 15 years proven research experience. His resourcefulness and determination ensure that you receive information of the highest standard and that agreed expectations are being met.

    Born and educated in Austria, Gerhard is familiar with the history and culture of the country and how this may impact on the success of any complex research project.

    Of course, he speaks fluent German, but more importantly, he has the skills to decipher and read the old records which are generally hand-written in the script of the time.

    Gerhard’s interest in ancestry research began when he was challenged to trace his own family background. A massive undertaking which resulted in indentifying the details of more than 800 members of his extended family, going back as far as the mid-1600’s.

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