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Andreas Ruethammer born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

14 July 1790 Andreas Ruethammer was born in Haselbach 41, Niederösterreich today Parents: Andreas Ruethammer, Hauer (vineyard worker) Barbar (born Pruner) Source: Haslbach Taufbuch Folio 4

Johannes Wiedermann marries Agnes Glasl in Haselbach 18, Niederösterreich

23 October 1792 Groom: Johannes Wiedermann, Farmer in Haselbach 18, Niederösterreich, 29 years old Bride: Agnes Glasl, Farmer’s daughter of Streitdorf 11, Niederösterreich Source: Haselbach Trauungsbuch Folio 4

Jacob Kronberger born in Wollmansberg, Niederösterreich

25 July 1687 Jacob Kronberger was born in Wollmannsberg, Niederösterreich today Parents: Christopher Kronberger (born 1654) & Catherine (born 1655) Source: Leitzersdorf Taufbuch Folio 17

Joseph Krappmayer marries Magdalena Harmer in Niederhollabrunn, Niederösterreich

8 June 1790: Groom: Joseph Krappmayer, Bauernsohn (farmer’s son), of Niederhollabrunn 41, Niederösterreich, 24 years old Bride: Magdalena Harmer, daughter of a farmer and village judge, of Haselbach 52, Niederösterreich, 24 years old Source: Haselbach Trauungsbuch Folio 2

Joseph Buxbaum marries Theresia Widermann in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

16 June 1789: Groom: Joseph Buxbaum, Hauer (vineyard worker), 28 years old born in Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich Bride: Theresia Widermann, Hauerin, of Haselbach 58, Niederösterreich, 46 year old widow Source: Haselbach Trauungsbuch, Folio 1

Michael Stöckelmayer born in Haselbach No 11, Niederösterreich

7 March 1790: Michael Stöckelmayer was born in Haselbach No 11 today Parents: Georg Stöckelmayer, Bauer (farmer) Anna Maria nee Harmer Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 3

Marianne Buxbaum born in Haselbach, Niederösterreich

16 December 1788: Marianne Buxbaum was born in Haselbach 68 today Parents: Joseph Buxbaum, Maurergesell (bricklayer’s apprentice) Eva Maria, nee Hueber Source: Haselbach Taufbuch Folio 1